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{{Bug|Crafting items, such as [[Skyrim:Glass (item)|glass]], [[Skyrim:Goat_Horns|goat horns]], and [[Skyrim:Straw|straw]], may disappear from general merchants' inventory completely.|confirmed=1|dlc=HF}}
{{Bug|Objects in some rooms may fail to render at certain camera angles if you have built a large percentage of the improvements for that room. They're still there, but just invisible.|confirmed=UHFP|1.1.2|dlc=HF}}
{{Bug|The containers in the houses will not show stolen items in red, like all other containers. The only way to tell if an item in a container is stolen is to take it. It will show the usual marker in the inventory menu.|confirmed=1|dlc=HF}}
{{Bug|All areas of the player-built homes may sometimes reset to their original furnishings. Items on tables and shelves and on top of other containers will respawn, displacing player-placed items. Items such as books, plates, decorations and all other clutter that was part of the original furnishings will reappear. However, containers do not reset, so storage continues to be safe.|confirmed=1|dlc=HF}}
{{Bug|Your stewards, housecarls, followers, and children may all prefer to sleep in your master bed, leaving your spouse to sleep in the kids' room.|vn=1|dlc=HF}}
{{Bug|Even if you have a pickaxe in your inventory, you may be unable to interact with the stone quarry or clay deposit.|vn=1|dlc=HF}}
{{Bug|When firing your bard they may not leave but stop playing and hang around your house.|vn=UHFP 1.1.1|dlc=HF}}
{{Bug|Some NPCs may not display their clothing.|vn=1|dlc=HF}}
{{Bug|Huskies and death hounds may vanish from the house after becoming pets and will not show up at their original areas.|vn=1|dlc=HF}}