Skyrim:Served Cold

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Ashfallow Citadel
===Ashfallow Citadel===
[[File:DB-quest-Served Cold_05.jpg|thumb|right|The family [[Dragonborn:Vendil Severin|patriarch]]]]
According to Arano, [[Dragonborn:Ashfallow_Citadel|Ashfallow Citadel]] has been abandoned for a long time, but when you arrive at the scene you will find the two Redoran Guards dead and be attacked by two [[Dragonborn:Morag_Tong_Assassin|Morag Tong assassins]] immediately. Dispose of them and enter the half-buried ruin. The interior is almost entirely covered in ash and the very first chamber hides a [[Dragonborn:East Empire Company Strongbox|East Empire Company strongbox]] on some shelves. Kill the patrolling assassin and proceed down the spiral staircase and find the narrow tunnel leading south. Before long, you will land in the private quarters with the path ahead blocked by one set of metal bars. The western room contains several beds and plenty of Morag Tong equipment while the eastern room contains several [[Skyrim:Soul Gems|soul gems]], an [[Skyrim:Arcane Enchanter|arcane enchanter]], and an [[Skyrim:Alchemy Lab|alchemy lab]], as well as a chain you need to pull to proceed. If you didn't kill her earlier, [[Dragonborn:Mirri Severin|Mirri Severin]] will be waiting for you along with several assassins, so fight them all and face two sets of metal bars blocking the path. Head into the western room and jump over five [[Skyrim:Traps#Bear Trap|bear traps]] and pull the chain. The other chain is located right next to the metal bars. Once they are removed, a third set of metal bars will block your path and the hallway will be plastered with [[Skyrim:Traps#Pressure Plate|pressure plates]] triggering [[Skyrim:Traps#Spiked Wall|spiked walls]]. Head into the western room and avoid more traps, then pull the two chains in there. With the path clear, head into the final chamber where you will find [[Dragonborn:Vendil Severin|Vendil Severin]] and, if you didn't kill her earlier, [[Dragonborn:Tilisu Severin|Tilisu]], both of them clad in Morag Tong armor and accompanied by two assassins. Pick the fight and find out the name of Vendil's ancestor as he will shout: ''"For Vilur Ulen! Long live House Hlaalu!"'' When all is said and done, loot Vendil's corpse for various goodies (note that his [[Dragonborn: Vendil Ulen's Chest Key|chest key]] can't be used anywhere). There is no quick escape route to Solstheim, so backtrack all the way to the entrance and return to Raven Rock.
===The Good News===
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