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'''Nils''' is an [[Skyrim:Elder|elderly]] [[Skyrim:Citizen (class)|citizen]] working at [[SRSkyrim:Candlehearth Hall|Candlehearth Hall]] in [[SRSkyrim:Windhelm|Windhelm]] as a cook and caretaker. He takes over running Candlehearth Hall if anything happens to [[Skyrim:Elda Early-Dawn|Elda Early-Dawn]].
Nils owns a room inside Candlehearth Hall, on the ground floor, and sleeps there every night between 10pm and 8am. Immediately after waking up, he spends two hours with his axe on the [[Skyrim:Wood Chopping Block|wood chopping block]] near the market. At 10am he carries the chopped wood all the way to the Gray Quarter and unloads it in front of [[Skyrim:Sadri's Used Wares|Sadri's Used Wares]]. At noon he once again chops wood, and at 2pm he carries the wood to the [[Skyrim:Forge|forge]] outside the [[Skyrim:Blacksmith Quarters|Blacksmith Quarters]]. At 4pm he finally enters Candlehearth hallHall and will spend the rest of his day in the kitchen area, cooking, relaxing, or wandering around.
Nils wears a set of farm [[Skyrim:ClothingClothes#000261c0|clothes]] along with a pair of [[Skyrim:ClothingBoots#000261bd|boots]]. He wields an [[Skyrim:Iron Dagger|iron dagger]] and carries a selection of [[Skyrim:Leveled Lists#Common|common loot and gold]].
When meeting Nils, he will introduce himself by saying: ''"Name's Nils, I'm the cook at Candlehearth Hall."'' He will then provide you with a piece of advice about firewood: ''"Can't just throw the big logs on the fire. Got to have the little bits, too."'' He will also quickly reveal to you his opinion of the [[Skyrim:Imperial Legion|Imperial Legion]]: ''"When I'm cutting wood, I pretend there's an Imperial soldier's head on the stump."''
*Nils wrote the book ''[[Skyrim:Chaurus Pie: A Recipe|Chaurus Pie: A Recipe]]''.
*If he takes over Candlehearth Hall, he will not stand behind the counter. You can, however, acquire his innkeeper- services around the clock, simply by finding him.
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