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'''Nils''' is an [[Skyrim:Elder|elderly]] [[Skyrim:Citizen (class)|citizen]] working at [[SR:Candlehearth Hall|Candlehearth Hall]] in [[SR:Windhelm|Windhelm]] as a cook and caretaker. He istakes oftenover seenrunning aroundCandlehearth townHall choppingif firewoodanything orhappens simplyto roaming[[Skyrim:Elda aroundEarly-Dawn|Elda freelyEarly-Dawn]].
Nils owns a room inside Candlehearth Hall, on the ground floor, and sleeps there every night between 10pm and 8am. Immediately after waking up, he spends two hours with his axe on the [[Skyrim:Wood Chopping Block|wood chopping block]] near the market. At 10am he carries the chopped wood all the way to the Gray Quarter and unloads it in front of [[Skyrim:Sadri's Used Wares|Sadri's Used Wares]]. At noon he once again chops wood, and at 2pm he carries the wood to the [[Skyrim:Forge|forge]] outside the [[Skyrim:Blacksmith Quarters|Blacksmith Quarters]]. At 4pm he finally enters Candlehearth hall and will spend the rest of his day in the kitchen area, cooking, relaxing, or wandering around.
He takes over running Candlehearth Hall if anything happens to [[Skyrim:Elda Early-Dawn|Elda]]. Although he does not stand at the front counter 24 hours a day, you can wake him up at any time if you need to rent a room or buy some food.
Nils wears a set of farm [[Skyrim:Clothing#000261c0|clothes]] along with a pair of [[Skyrim:Clothing#000261bd|boots]]. He wields an [[Skyrim:Iron Dagger|iron dagger]] and carries a selection of [[Skyrim:Leveled Lists#Common|common loot and gold]].
When meeting Nils, he will introduce himself by saying: ''"Name's Nils, I'm the cook at Candlehearth Hall."'' He will then provide you with a piece of advice about firewood: ''"Can't just throw the big logs on the fire. Got to have the little bits, too."'' He will also quickly reveal to you his opinion of the [[Skyrim:Imperial Legion|Imperial Legion]]: ''"When I'm cutting wood, I pretend there's an Imperial soldier's head on the stump."''
*Nils wrote the book ''[[Skyrim:Chaurus Pie: A Recipe|Chaurus Pie: A Recipe]]''.
*If he takes over Candlehearth Hall, he will not stand behind the counter. You can, however, acquire his innkeeper-services around the clock, simply by finding him.