Skyrim:Flame Atronach

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}}[[File:SR-creature-Flame Atronach 02.jpg|thumb|A summoned Flame Atronach in combat]]
'''Flame Atronachs''' appear as female humanoids made entirely of glowing flames and wearing elaborate black metal armor. Though the weakest type of Atronach encountered in Skyrim, they are extremely agile and reasonably proficient in close combat. However, they prefer to use flame-based magic from afar whenever possible. When melee combat is forced upon them, they rely upon a [[Skyrim:Flame Cloak|flameFlame cloakCloak]] spell to constantly damage attackers while they retreat for a better shot. Flame Atronachs can be encountered as random enemies, summoned by hostile mages, or even [[Skyrim:ConjurationConjure_Flame_Atronach|summoned]] by the player to aid in combat. When 'killed' by combat damage, Flame Atronachs will expire in a fiery explosion that inflicts burning damage to everything within a short radius. Players with high [[Skyrim:Conjuration|Conjuration]] skill may summon a more powerful Potent Flame Atronach after obtaining the ''[[Skyrim:Conjuration#Skill_PerksElemental Potency|Elemental Potency]]'' perk.
[[File:SR-creature-Flame Atronach 02.jpg|thumb|A summoned Flame Atronach in combat]]
All Flame Atronachs are members of their own race (FormID <code>000131f5</code>), which has the following traits:
* ''{{LE|Flame Atronach abilities}}'' (FormID <code>0x0002f3b5</code>): For <dur> seconds, opponents in melee range take 10 points fire damage per second. Targets on fire take extra damage.
* Immune to [[Skyrim:Paralyze (effect)|Paralysis]]
* Cannot be [[Skyrim:Reanimate|Reanimate]]d
* Height: 1
* Weight: 1
===Flame Thrall===
'''Flame Thralls''' are a variant of the Flame Atronach. As members of the same race, they therefore share all of the characteristic racial traits of a Flame Atronach.
One notable difference between Thralls and Atronachs is that Thralls have a special fortified healing ability:
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