Morrowind:Damage Magicka

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Permanently lowers the [[Morrowind:Magicka|Magicka]] of the target by M points. Magicka can be restored by means of a [[Morrowind:Restore Magicka|Restore Magicka]] effect, or by resting (unless the target was born under the sign of [[Morrowind:Birthsigns#The Atronach|The Atronach]]).
==Related Effects==
==Alchemy Ingredients==
Only one ingredient in the game has a Damage Magicka effect. Since there is only one, and since it is not a first-effect ingredient, it is impossible to get this effect via alchemy.
*[[Tribunal:Durzog Meat|Durzog Meat]] <sup>[[Tribunal:Tribunal|{{TR]]</sup>}}
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