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{{Bug|Using the [[Skyrim:Forge|forge]] at your home may cause the [[Skyrim:Grindstone|grindstones]] and [[Skyrim:Workbench|workbenches]] to become unusable.|vn=1|dlc=HF}}
**Reloading a save prior to using the forge will solve this.
{{Bug|Weapon and shield plaques sometimes cannot be interacted with, although items can be taken from them if there.|vn=1|dlc=HF|USKP|1.3.3}}
{{Bug|Dropping items from your inventory in some of the rooms will sometimes result in them disappearing completely. |vn=1|dlc=HF}}
{{Bug|All areas of the player-built homes may sometimes reset to their original furnishings. Items on tables and shelves and on top of other containers will respawn, displacing player-placed items. Items such as books, plates, decorations and all other clutter that was part of the original furnishings will reappear. However, containers do not reset, so storage continues to be safe.|vn=1|dlc=HF}}