Skyrim:Court Wizard

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{{Trail}} [[File:SR-npc-Calcelmo.jpg|thumb|right|Calcelmo, author and Court Wizard in Markarth]]
'''Court Wizards''' are the [[Skyrim:Jarl|jarls']] personal mages who research and study magic. They can usually be found in the jarl's [[Skyrim:Castles|palace or longhouse]]. They sell a variety of [[Skyrim:Spells|spells]] from all of the schools of magic, and other items that are of use to mages, including [[Skyrim:Soul Gems|soul gems]] and [[Skyrim:Scrolls|scrolls]]. Their selection of available spells and magical items are bested only by the mages at the [[Skyrim:College of Winterhold (place)|College of Winterhold]].
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