Skyrim:Court Wizard

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* Though it is suggested that [[Skyrim:Falion|Falion]] is Morthal's new court wizard, he is simply an ordinary wizard trying to make a living within his shop.
* The jarls of [[Skyrim:Winterhold|Winterhold]] do not employ court wizards. This is likely due to the close proximity of the [[Skyrim:College of Winterhold (place)|College of Winterhold]].
* [[Skyrim:Aicantar|Aicantar]], [[Skyrim:Melaran|Melaran]], and [[Skyrim:Dravynea the Stoneweaver|Dravynea the Stoneweaver]] all belong to the court wizard faction. They are all replacements, but Calcelmo and Wuunferth are essential, preventing Aicantar and Dravynea from being needed. Melaran replacesis supposed to replace Sybille in the event of her death, and he will confirm this in conversation, but he will never adopt her routine or sell anything.