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Shivering:Water Root Pod Pit

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53 guaranteed samples can be found. The places with the highest numbers of samples are:
* 33 samples are in [[Shivering:Cindanwe's House|Cindanwe]]'s House ]] in [[Shivering:Fellmoor|Fellmoor]]
* 4 samples are in [[Shivering:Common Treasures|Common Treasures]] in [[Shivering:Bliss|Bliss]]
* 3 samples are in [[Shivering:Horkvir Bear-Arm's House (Dementia)|Horkvir Bear-Arm]]'s House ]] in [[Shivering:Split|Split]] (Dementia side)
It can also be found randomly in [[Shivering:Ahjazda|Ahjazda]]'s inventory and in some loot chests.