Lore:Ahzirr Traajijazeri

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{{LetterPic|T}}his is an absurd book. But like all things {{Lore Link|Khajiit}}i, as the expression goes, "gzalzi vaberzarita maaszi", or "absurdity has become necessity." Much of what I have to say has probably never been written before, and if it has, no one has read it. The Imperials{{Lore Link|Imperial}}s feel that everything must be written down for posterity, but every Khajiiti kitten born in [[Lore:Elsweyr|Elsweyr]] knows his history, he drinks it in with his mother's milk.
Fairly recently, however, our struggles to win back our homeland from the rapacious Count of {{Lore Link|Leyawiin}} have attracted sympathetic persons, even Imperials, who wish to join our cause, but, it seems, do not understand our ways. Our enemies, of course, do not understand us either, but that is as we wish it, a weapon in our arsenal. Our non-Khajiiti friends, however, should know who we are, why we are, and what we are doing.
We are struggling against impossible odds, against the very Empire of Tamriel. Honor is madness. Yes, we loved the Renrijra Krin who died in brave battle against the forces of the Empire, but I guarantee you that each of those Ri'sallidad had an escape route he or she failed to use, and died saying, "Damn."
When the great [[Lore:Senche-Tiger|Senche-Raht]] comes to the {{Lore Link|Saimisil Steppes}}, he will find himself unable to hunt, unable to sleep, as the tiny {{Lore Link|Alfiq}} leap onto his back, biting him, and running off before he has a chance to turn his great body to face them. Eventually, though he may stubbornly hope to catch the Alfiq, the Senche-Raht always leaves. They are our cousins, the Alfiq, and we have adopted their strategy against the great tiger of Leyawiin.
Do not ally yourself with the Renrij if you yearn to be part of a mighty army, marching resolutely forth, for whom retreat is anathema. We will laugh at your suicidal idiocy as we slip into the reeds of the river, and watch the inevitable slaughter.
====5. "Ahzirr Durrarriss": "We Give Freely To The People"====
Let us not forget our purpose. We are fighting for our families, the Khajiiti driven from the rich, fertile shores of {{Lore Link|Lake Makapi}} and the {{Lore Link|River Malapi}}, where they and their ancestors lived since time immemorial. It is our battle, but their tragedy. We must show them, lest they are swayed by other rhetoric, that we are fighting for them.
The Mane, The Emperor, and The Count can give speeches, pass laws, and, living life in the open, explain their positions and philosophies to their people to stave off the inevitable revolution. Extralegal entities, such as the Renrijra Krin, must make our actions count for our words. This means more than fighting the good fight, and having a laugh at our befuddled adversaries. It means engaging and seducing the people. Ours is not a military war, it is a political war. If the people rise up against our oppressors, they will retreat, and we will win.
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