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A Secret Dungeon: Just found this out.
If you go to your ship and proceed to the middle of the deck, switch to full screen. Face northwest (the N should be on the right and the W should not be visible). Turn on the speed cheat, and hop off. Use the "running on water" cheat from this site. After a while, you should see a dungeon message appear on the screen (harpy feathers everywhere, etc.) Set an anchor or save your game and go west (the exact direction is not known, west is an approximation). You should eventually approach an island if you go the right way. There will be a stone placed on it. Look for a door. Inside is the Mantellan Crux dungeon!
The direction to travel is northwest, with the W positioned as the N is. Use the cheapest ship and position yourself to the side of the stairs going down before taking off to the northwest. Note that going straight north will not help, as the distances traveled are different with each direction. This can be accessed from the large ship as well. Traveling Northwest from the prow will eventually take you to the small ship.
While this provides access to the Mantellan Crux, it cannot be used to short-circuit the Main Quest. It is a good way to practice the complex sequences of actions that are required to advance between the various sections.
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