Oblivion Mod:Formid

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Cleard up uncertainty on FormID recycling
;Suppose that you delete an object. Can the formid that was assigned to it be assigned to a newly created object?
:Yes. Base FormIDs can be recycled, as long as there are never two objects with the same FormID in a mod. In game, temporary FormIDs (those starting with FF) are incremented by the game engine for each object created. When the counter reaches FFFFFFFF it is reset to FF000000, and FormIDs which are no longer in use are recycled. (There were problems with this recycling not working correctly before patch 1.2.0416 - most notably the counter was incorrectly reset to 00000000 instead of FF000000.)
;What's up with GMSTs?
:Many GMSTs have formids == 0, yet it's possible to change the EditorId. If you try to change the value of a GMST that has formid == 0, a new formid will be assigned. I suspect that GMSTs are an exception -- i.e., that unlike every other data object, their formids are not used.
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