Daggerfall:Quest Related Hints

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==Rescue Quests==
Several quests require the character to rescue an innocent. These are usually Noble or Merchant quests. These quests pose a hidden danger; success often means a drop in reputation with the faction that has taken the hostage, namely the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood. A character that belongs to thateither faction may drop hislose reputation therein to the point that expulsion from the faction is the ultimate result. Expulsion from either faction is generally permanent.
Otherwise, these quests involve gathering information, tracking down developed leads, and a confrontation. Gathering information and tracking down leads involves dialog with "townies" (a high "Streetwise" skill can help here). At the confrontation stage, the character is usually offered a choice: ransom or fight. Opponents at this stage are Humanshumans, and are generally about the same level as the character.
==Twisting Endings to Quests==