Shivering:Zoe Malene's House

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Her home is on the southern edge of Hale; next to [[Shivering:Halion|Halion]]'s house and across from [[Shivering:Tall-Trees-Falling|Tall-Trees-Falling]]'s. The house is quite small and not lavishly decorated, with two paintings of [[Shivering:Dementia|Dementia]] and two paintings of [[Shivering:Mania|Mania]] hanging on the walls. Scattered throughout are also several blank canvasses, easels, paintbrush jars, paintbrushes, and palettes among the ordinary food and clutter. Atop the landing are two non-respawning chests, one which may contain some weapons or armor and the other with a few gold coins. On the table downstairs is a [[Oblivion:Mortar & Pestle|mortar & pestle]] and a [[Oblivion:Retort|retort]].