Oblivion:Jakben Imbel's House

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|occupants=[[Oblivion:Jakben, Earl of Imbel|Jakben, Earl of Imbel]], [[Oblivion:Gemellus Axius|Gemellus Axius]], <br>[[Oblivion:Vampires|Vampire]] Enemies
|locationcode=ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouse, ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouseUpstairs, ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouseTop, ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouseBasement, JakbenTombInterior
|city=Imperial City
|location=[[Oblivion:Imperial City|Imperial City]] [[Oblivion:Talos Plaza District|Talos Plaza District]].
|district=Talos Plaza District
|description=A large manor in the [[Oblivion:Imperial City|Imperial City]] [[Oblivion:Talos Plaza District|Talos Plaza District]] ([[Oblivion:Boots of Springheel Jak|quest-related]]).
|AddBelow=It can be found in the main plaza, between [[Oblivion:The Tiber Septim Hotel|The Tiber Septim Hotel]] and [[Oblivion:Umbacano|Umbacano Manor]].
'''Jakben Imbel's House''' is divided into five areas; four of them are regular house areas, namely: ''[[#Jakben Imbel's House|Jakben Imbel's House]]'', ''[[#Jakben Imbel's Private Quarters|Jakben Imbel's Private Quarters]]'', ''[[#Jakben Imbel's Study|Jakben Imbel's Study]]'', and ''[[#Jakben Imbel's Basement|Jakben Imbel's Basement]]''. The fifth area, ''[[#Catacombs|Catacombs]]'', is actually a cave hidden underneath the house, containing vampires.
===Jakben Imbel's House===
[[File:OB-interior-Jakben Imbel's House.jpg|thumb|right|Jakben Imbel's House]]