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'''Hulda''' is a [[Skyrim:Nord|Nord]] innkeeper who owns the [[Skyrim:The Bannered_Mare|Bannered Mare]] in [[Skyrim:Whiterun|Whiterun]]. She will sometimes mention that she plans on retiring soon and selling the inn to [[Skyrim:Ysolda|Ysolda]]. Ysolda will also mention that she is trying to save up the money to buy the Bannered Mare from Hulda, but this never actually happens. If Hulda is killed, Ysolda will immediately take over the Bannered Mare, but will still speak of buying the inn from Hulda. Walk into the inn and she will greet you: ''"Come on in. Let me know if you need anything, or take a seat by the fire and I'll send someone over."''
If you sit in any seat in the inn, she will call out to [[Skyrim:Saadia|Saadia]] to serve you, even if you sit on the bar stool right in front of her. Like the other residents she will never mention Saadia, if she is gone at the end of [[Skyrim:In My Time Of Need|her quest]].
* {{Quest Link|Chop Wood}}
*{{Quest Link|The Whispering Door}}
== Dialogue ==
Hulda and Saadia have some scripted conversations which can be triggered at some specific points:<br>
* '''Sit on a chair in the inn'''
'''Hulda''': ''"Saadia, wake up dear!"''<br>
'''Saadia''': ''"Yes, mum!"''<br>
'''Saadia''': ''"You want a drink?"''<br>
'''''What's on the menu?'''''<br>
'''Saadia''': ''"Depends. Are you thirsty, hungry, both?"''<br>
'''''Open general merchants interface'''''