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== random draugr attack? ==
{{Good Question|Apr 2012}}
Has anyone ever been attacked in a city by a large group of draugr? I have 700+ saves and have never encountered this before I checked the body's for a clue but none existed. Has this occurred to anyone else? {{uns2|03:27, 7 April 2012|}}
:I've encountered it twice sofar. Once when I was in Markarth, escaping from Cidhna Mine. Thonar Silver-Blood thanked me for killing Madanach when I suddenly heard screams. Turns out two draugr were suddenly near the smelter. I managed to kill them before any casualties arose. The second time was in Riften. I tried to silently kill Narfi, but I got a murder bounty instead. I payed the fine and got transported to just outside Riften's Jail. Again, there were two draugr. The guards quickly disposed of them.