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[[{{NAMESPACE}}:HelsethLore Link|Hlaalu Helseth]]}}, a male [[Lore:Dunmer|Dunmer]], was born to [[Lore:Barenziah|Queen Barenziah]] and [[Lore:Symmachus|Symmachus]] in [[Lore:Third_Era#3E 376{{Year|3E 376]]}}, and he is the older brother of [[Lore:Morgiah|Morgiah]]. Before the [[Lore:The_Warp_in_the_West_(event)|"Warp in the West"]], he spent most of his time blackmailing, bribing, and even killing nobles in attempts to expand Wayrest's influence. After failing to obtain the throne of [[Lore:Wayrest|Wayrest]] when his step-father King [[Lore:Eadwyre|Eadwyre]] died, he returned to [[Lore:Mournhold|Mournhold]] in [[Lore:Morrowind|Morrowind]] with his mother. Once there, he joined King [[Lore:Llethan|Llethan]]'s court. After a relatively short period of time, King Llethan died, leaving the throne of Morrowind to Helseth. This caused rumors that Helseth had poisoned Llethan, a telling of events that the late King's wife backs up. After becoming King, Helseth quickly started to cement his hold on power by using the [[Lore:Dark Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]] to assassinate a variety of targets, including attempting to kill the recently reborn [[Lore:Nerevarine|Nerevarine]], though according to Helseth this was a mistake. The truthfulness of this is suspect, as there was another attempt on the Nerevarine's life while guarding Queen Barenziah for the new King. Strangely, King Helseth tends to play up his habit of assassination, as he was one of the driving forces to publish ''[[Lore:A_Game_at_Dinner|A Game at Dinner]]'', a book that accuses him of murder.
In a shrewd political maneuver, King Helseth, representing his own [[Lore:House Hlaalu|House Hlaalu]], formed an alliance with [[Lore:House Dres|House Dres]]. Subsequently, he renounced the slave trade, setting the remaining Houses of Indoril and Redoran against him in a bloody civil war. Helseth emerged from the war battered, but without the loss of his essential powers, leaving the slave trade generally destroyed, and [[Lore:Slavery|slavery]] without a foothold in all of Tamriel, although the practice persists in remote areas away from Mournhold.<noinclude>
*In newer versions of [[Lore:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]], Helseth is actually depicted as his true [[Lore:Dark Elf|Dark Elf]] self, rather than a [[Lore:Breton|Breton]].
After the Oblivion Crisis, House Hlaalu became a scapegoat for the dunmer's suffering. With his house's name out of the Great Council, it is unknown what has become of Helseth.
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