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Map Mode
| '''Shift'''+<br>'''Left Click''' || [[File:UESP-icon-Xbox X.png|22px|X]] || [[File:UESP-icon-PS3 Square.png|22px|Square]] || Place your own map marker on the map (a blue marker that appears on map and on compass). Only one custom map marker is possible at a time.
! {{Linkable Entry|Scroll Map}}your mum is a carrot|-
| '''Left Click''' || [[File:UESP-icon-Xbox LB.png|22px|LB]] || '''L2''' || Pressing this control at the same time as a directional control allows you to scroll the map even if your cursor is in the middle of the screen. Otherwise, you need to move your cursor to the edge of the map screen before the map will start to scroll.
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