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Classifying Ghosts: reply
Okay, I have started a minor (I thought :\ ) project to make a more comprehensive ghost page (started [[User:Vulpa/Sandbox4|here]]). I planned on including a link to a full list of ghosts. However... there aren't really any categories set up for them. The only one I have is [[:Category:Skyrim-Creatures-Undead-Ghost|this]], which is fairly empty and doesn't even include any ghostly NPCs (which should have their own category anyway). So I went looking and found a lot of articles with ghosts (NPC or as yet undefined), but some of them even were... confused. Like the Labyrinthian ghosts being given Creature Summary boxes. Suffice to say, I think there needs to be a definitive answer on what exactly makes a ghost, then have a category made, ''then'' I can make my little page. :) --[[User:Vulpa|<b><font color="FF4500">V</font><font color="FF8C00">u</font><font color="FFA500">l</font><font color="FFD700">p</font><font color="FFFF00">a</font></b>]] 17:22, 5 April 2013 (GMT)
:Ghosts are determined by the game data. There isn't really a way to categorize them easily. There doesn't seem to be much gain in doing so. [[User:Jeancey|Jeancey]] ([[User talk:Jeancey|talk]]) 18:59, 5 April 2013 (GMT)