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{{Lore Link|Vos}} {{MWTense|is|was}} an ancient Velothi farming village on the eastern coast of {{Lore Link|Vvardenfell}}. There {{MWTense|are|were}} few services here. There {{MWTense|is|was}} a [[Lore:Dunmer|Dunmer]] chapel which {{MWTense|is|was}} too small to serve as a focus for [[Morrowind:Transport#Intervention Spells|Almsivi intervention]], but the resident cleric, Yakin Bael, {{MWTense|is|was}} a fine healer, and worth a visit by anyone interested in the medical arts.
The town of Vos {{MWTense|is|was}} up the hill from the harbor, where there {{MWTense|are|were}} ships to {{Lore Link|Tel Aruhn}}, {{Lore Link|Sadrith Mora}} and nearby {{Lore Link|Tel Mora}}. The large and friendly Varo Tradehouse, {{MWTense|is|was}} located near the wharves, and {{MWTense|is|was}} a good alternative to Tel Mora for men seeking accommodation. Apart from passing through on the way to Master Aryon's tower at {{Lore Link|Tel Vos}}, there {{MWTense|is|was}} really little cause to visit Vos.<noinclude>