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Skyrim:Glenmoril Coven

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|imgdesc=Glenmoril Coven
|region=Falkreath Hold
|occupants=[[Skyrim:HagravenGlenmoril Witch|HagravenGlenmoril Witches]]s, or [[Skyrim:Creatures#SkeeverHag|SkeeversHags]], [[Skyrim:Creatures#Frostbite_Spider|Frostbite SpiderCreatures]]s, <br>[[Skyrim:Troll#TrollFrostbite_Spider|TrollsFrostbite Spiders]]
|description=A [[Skyrim:Caves|cave]] far west of [[Skyrim:Falkreath|Falkreath]] inhabited by a group of unique [[Skyrim:Hagraven|hagravens]], the [[Skyrim:Glenmoril Witch|Glenmoril Witches]].
|locationcode=GlenmorilCoven01, GlenmorilCovenExterior
|location=South of [[Skyrim:Bilegulch Mine|Bilegulch Mine]]<br> Northwest of [[Skyrim:Knifepoint Ridge|Knifepoint Ridge]]
|level=Min: 14
|respawn=never {{vn|plain}}
}} |treasure=''[[CategorySkyrim:Skyrim-Places-Hagraven_Nests]] This cave isA involvedTragedy in the quest [[SR:Blood's HonorBlack|Blood'sA Honor]],Tragedy wherein at least one of the witches must be killed. Depending on your level, there will also be [[Skyrim:Skeever|skeeversBlack]],''<br> ''[[Skyrim:FrostbiteHorror Spider|frostbiteof spiders]],Castle or [[Skyrim:TrollXyr|trolls]].Horror Anof altarCastle of [[Lore:Hircine|HircineXyr]]'' can be found within.
}} [[Category:Skyrim-Places-Hagraven_Nests]] There is only one zone to the cave; an [[#Glenmoril Cave|interior]] zone with the name of the cave.
NotableWhen lootyou includes a copy ofapproach the [[Skyrim:Destruction|Destruction]]cave [[Skyrim:Skillit Books|skillbecomes book]]clear ''[[Skyrim:Horrorthat ofall Castleis Xyr|Horrornot ofwell. Castle Xyr]]'', and a copy ofAll the [[Skyrim:Enchanting|Enchanting]]local skillplant-life bookis ''[[Skyrim:Adead, Tragedyand inthere Black|Aare Tragedymutilated inshrines Black]]''. There is an [[Skyrim:Iron Ore|iron ore]] vein inalong the tunnel leadingpath to the witch cave.
{{Skyrim Radiant Quest Note}}
{{Bug|This* locationYou can onlyread bemore clearedabout bythe killinghistory of the [[Skyrim:Glenmoril_Witch|GlenmorilGlenmoral Witches]] duringin the quest [[SkyrimLore:Blood'sGlenmoril HonorWyrd|Blood'sLore Honorarticle]]. If you enter the cave before the quest, it will be inhabited by [[SR:witch|witches]] instead, and thus cannot be cleared.|vn=1}}
* The cave does not normally respawn. However, there is a small exception to this; during '''Blood's Honor''' the hags will be replaced by living hagravens. Nothing else respawns, so you cannot pick up two of the skill books or double the ingredients.
* The only difference when the Glenmoral Witches are here, as opposed to the hags, is the hagravens themselves. They follow the same patrol patterns and all the animal positions are the same.
* The bloodied alter in the upper west chamber may be a shrine to [[Lore:Hircine|Hircine]].
==Zone 1: ''{{StubLE|PlaceGlenmoril Cave}}''==
[[File:SR-interior-Glenmoril_Coven_01.jpg|thumb|right|Which tunnel to choose first?]]
The first thing to do after entering is to find the {{hover|novice|locked chest}}, which is in an alcove straight ahead where the tunnel first turns to the right. The second thing is to take note of the two enemies in the large chamber. A [[Skyrim:Hag|hag]] patrols near the campfire in the middle, but there is a leveled creature to the right, hiding in the darkness. At lower levels there is an additional weak creature by the tunnel to the west on the upper level. Once they are dealt with you can pick up the loot if you wish, which consists entirely of two goat hides; one on the central pillar, and one by back wall. There are ramps leading upwards on either side, and four tunnels leading out from the center room; two on the lower level, and two on the higher level.
===Lower North Tunnel===
The tunnel to the north on the lower level leads to a small room. There is a hag up to the left by a candle on a barrel. There is a chest to the right as you walk around the central pillar, and a box with two [[Skyrim:Rock Warbler Egg|rock warbler eggs]] and a [[Skyrim:Briar Heart|briar heart]], a bit further along. There is also a third rock warbler egg to be harvested from a nest propped against the box.
===Lower West Tunnel===
The twisting tunnel to the west on the lower level leads to a small room with a waterfall. There is a single hag by the waterfall on the lower far side of the chamber, and nothing else.
===Upper North Tunnel===
The tunnel to the north on the upper level leads to a medium room. After following the twisting tunnel, turn left to go around the ragged fence. There is a frostbite spider at this point, and a hag further on, near an arcane enchanter. On the table with the enchanter is a dead [[Skyrim:Goat|goat]], a goat's head, a bowl of [[Skyrim:Troll Fat|troll fat]], and a copy of the [[Skyrim:Enchanting|Enchanting]] [[Skyrim:Skill Books|skill book]] ''[[Skyrim:A Tragedy in Black|A Tragedy in Black]]''.
===Upper West Tunnel===
[[File:SR-interior-Glenmoril_Coven_02.jpg|thumb|right|The alter, tent, and chest. Yours to loot.]]
Before the tunnel to the west on the upper level, there is a [[Skyrim:Namira's Rot|namira's rot]] plant on the left, and another on the right inside the tunnel. There is also an [[Skyrim:Iron Ore|iron ore]] vein in the tunnel, on the left hand wall, after turning the corner by the brazier. There is a leveled creature to the right of the entrance to the large chamber, and a hag on the far side, to the left. There is another namira's rot, plus a [[Skyrim:Bleeding Crown|bleeding crown]] to the right of the entrance. There are two [[Skyrim:Slaughterfish Egg|slaughterfish eggs]], and three [[Skyrim:Slaughterfish Scales|slaughterfish scales]], in a box located to the left and, on a lower section before the area where the hag was.
There is a a weak stamina poison, a leveled stamina potion, and a [[Skyrim:Nightshade|nightshade]] plant, by the bloodied altar, and a chest on the other side of the tent. Inside the tent there are two barrels, a copy of [[Skyrim:Destruction|Destruction]] skill book ''[[Skyrim:Horror of Castle Xyr|Horror of Castle Xyr]]''. There are also two more slaughterfish eggs and three more slaughterfish scales inside the box, under the book. Finally there are three [[Skyrim:White Cap|white cap]] plants and a [[Skyrim:Bleeding Crown|bleeding crown]] plant around the pillar to the south.

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