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===Battlespire and Redguard===
With the third chapter in development, and a fan base rabid for further adventures in [[Lore:Tamriel (continent)|Tamriel]], Bethesda made an effort to expand their series without compromising the integrity of the central games. In that vein, Bethesda released the first in a new line of games, [[Battlespire:Battlespire|The Elder Scrolls Legends: Battlespire]] in 1997. Hoping to incorporate multiplayer elements in their future games, a program enabling such was drafted into ''Battlespire'', running on the Mplayer system. The game, operating on the same engine as ''Daggerfall'', met with minimal success and prompted cries for a <nowiki>"true"</nowiki> successor in the series.
Ignoring the weak sales of ''Battlespire'', and continuing in their hope of a new Elder Scrolls-based series, Bethesda released another non-central game in 1998, [[Redguard:Redguard|The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard]]. While it too ran upon the same engine, the XnGine, ''Redguard'' brought to the series a fresh perspective, operating in third-person and set roughly 400 years prior to the events of ''Arena''. The game met with far greater success than its spin-off predecessor, partially due to the inclusion of a manual addition packaged with such, entitled The Pocket Guide to the Empire, which is counted among the most widely read canonical literature to date.