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{{Year|3E 119}}:
For twenty-one years, The Emperor [[Lore:Antiochus|Antiochus Septim]] ruled [[Lore:Tamriel (continent)|Tamriel]], and proved an able leader despite his moral laxity. His greatest victory was in the [[Lore:War of the Isle|War of the Isle]] in the year {{Year|3E 110|110}}, when the Imperial fleet and the royal navies of [[Lore:Summerset Isle|Summerset Isle]], together with the magical powers of the [[Lore:Psijic Order|Psijic Order]], succeeded in destroying the [[Lore:Pyandonea|Pyandonea]]n invading armada. His siblings, King [[Lore:Magnus Septim|Magnus]] of [[Lore:Lilmoth|Lilmoth]], King [[Lore:Cephorus|Cephorus]] of [[Lore:Gilane|Gilane]], and [[Lore:Potema|Potema]], the Wolf Queen of [[Lore:Solitude|Solitude]], ruled well and relations between the Empire and the kingdoms of Tamriel were much improved. Still, centuries of neglect had not repaired all the scars that existed between the Empire and the kings of [[Lore:High Rock|High Rock]] and [[Lore:Skyrim|Skyrim]].
During a rare visitation from his sister and nephew [[Lore:Uriel Septim III|Uriel]], Antiochus, who had suffered from several illnesses over his reign, lapsed into a coma. For months, he lingered in between life and death while the [[Lore:Elder Council|Elder Council]] prepared for the ascension of his fifteen-year-old daughter [[Lore:Kintyra|Kintyra]] to the throne.