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How to Contribute: Temporary notice of need for screenshots
==How to Contribute==
'''TEMPORARY NOTICE!!''' The wiki is in particular need of screenshots at this time (this written Feb 15, 2013). Please see [[UESPWiki:Image Requests|Image Requests]] and [[:Category:All Pages Needing Images]] for lists of images that are needed.
Please see [[:Help:Images]] for information about screenshots, how to take them, format, and upload them. Also leave a message on [[:Help_talk:Images]] if you have any questions regarding screenshots or images, including if you are a novice and would like help learning how to take screenshots.
:''Main Articles: [[UESPWiki:Helping Out|Helping Out]], [[UESPWiki:Task List|Task List]]''
These are some basic ways that you can improve the site: