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<noinclude>{{cleanup-lpp}}{{Lore Places Trail}}[[File:MW-place-Grazelands.jpg|thumb|The Grazelands]]</noinclude>
The [[{{NAMESPACELore Link|Grazelands}}:Grazelands|Grazelands]] {{MWTense|are|were}} the pastoral heartland of [[{{NAMESPACELore Link|Vvardenfell}}:Vvardenfell|Vvardenfell]]. On the northeastern corner of the island, these grasslands {{MWTense|extend|extended}} from the ancient stronghold of [[Morrowind:Falensarano|Falensarano]] north to the coast above [[{{NAMESPACE}}:TelLore VosLink|Tel Vos]]}}. To the east, the Grazelands {{MWTense|stretch|stretched}} to the coast and the islands of [[{{NAMESPACE}}:ZafirbelLore BayLink|Zafirbel Bay]]}}. To the west, it {{MWTense|is|was}} bounded by the forbidding steepness of the mountains of the [[{{NAMESPACELore Link|Ashlands}}:Ashlands|Ashlands]].
The flora of the Grazelands {{MWTense|is|was}} dominated by [[Lore:Wickwheat|Wickwheat]], and this is one of the few areas where it {{MWTense|grows|grew}}. There {{MWTense|are|were}} trees spread sporadically around the landscape. [[Lore:Stoneflower|Stoneflower]]s {{MWTense|areis|werewas}} the most frequently flowering plant. It {{MWTense|is|was}} home to wild Guars, Alit and Shalk. The south {{MWTense|is|was}} dominated by [[Lore:Hackle-Lo|Hackle-Lo]] shrubs, whose leaves {{MWTense|can|could}} be found across the island. It {{MWTense|is|was}} also a region where, due to its scarce population, it {{MWTense|is|was}} not uncommon to see [[{{NAMESPACELore Link|Daedra}}:Daedra|Daedra]], including Golden Saints and Ogrims, just walking around in the open.
Much of Grazelands {{MWTense|is|was}} uninhabited and thus {{MWTense|belongs|belonged}} to the Temple. The population of the Grazelands {{MWTense|consist|consisted}} of mostly nomadic [[{{NAMESPACE}}:AshlandersLore Link|Ashlanders]]}}. Other inhabitants {{MWTense|include|included}} those who {{MWTense|live|lived}} in Tel Vos and the nearby town of [[{{NAMESPACE}}:VosLore Link|Vos]]}}, along with Master Aryon in the tower of [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Lore Link|House Telvanni|Telvanni]]}}.
[[{{NAMESPACE}}:Ashlanders|Ashlander]] settlements in the area {{MWTense|are|were}} the [[{{NAMESPACE}}:AhemmusaLore CampLink|Ahemmusa Camp]]}} in the north and the [[{{NAMESPACE}}:ZainabLore CampLink|Zainab Camp]]}} to the south. Presence of Tel Vos and the proximity to the Telvanni homeland {{MWTense|means|meant}} that this House {{MWTense|is|was}} the most likely to make future claims in the region.<noinclude>
==See Also==
*For more information, see the [[Morrowind:Grazelands|Morrowind Grazelands article]].</noinclude>