Skyrim:Aventus Aretino

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'''Aventus''': ''"Grelod, you old crone. You'll get what you deserve! The Dark Brotherhood will see to that!"''
When you talk to him and ask if he is all right he will be overjoyed and remark ''"It worked! I knew you'd come, I just knew it! I did the Black Sacrament, over and over. With the body and the... the things. And then you came! An assassin from the Dark Brotherhood."''
At this point, there are three choices of interaction, but they all lead to the same path:
'''I'm sorry, boy, but I'm not who you think I am.'''<br />
'''Aventus''': ''"Of course you are! I prayed, and you came, and now you'll accept my contract."''
'''Yes, of course... The Black Sacrament...'''<br />
'''Aventus''': ''"It took so long. So very long. But now that you're here, you can accept my contract."''
'''(Remain Silent)'''<br />
'''Aventus''': ''"You don't have to say anything. There's no need. You're here, so I know you'll accept my contract."''
Each path leads to asking about the contract, to which Aventus will reply, ''"My mother, she... she died. I... I'm all alone now. So they sent me to that terrible orphange in Riften. Honorhall. The headmistress is an evil, cruel woman. They call her Grelod the Kind. But she's not kind. She's terrible. To all of us."''
Before you leave, you can talk to Aventus for more information, such as the reward and a bit of his backstory:
'''Assassinations don't come cheap, boy.'''<br />
'''Aventus''': ''"I have a family heirloom you can have. Supposed to be sort of valuable. I hope that's all right."''
'''Tell me about your mother. What happened?'''<br />
'''Aventus''': ''"She got sick, last winter, when the snows came. And she just... she never got better. Not all year. One night she fell asleep and... never woke up. So now I'm all alone. And the Jarl said I had to go to Honorhall Orphanage. It's not fair!"''
'''Are you sure about this, boy? Murdering this woman?'''<br />
'''Aventus''': ''"I've never been more sure about naything in my entire life. Someone like Grelod doesn't deserve to live one more day. She's a monster."''
If you have already killed the target, he will be amazed and remark ''"I mean, I knew the Dark Brotherhood was good... just not that good! You killed the old hag before I even asked!"'' After completing his quest, he claims that he's going to be an assassin himself when he grows up: ''"When I grow up, I'm going to be an assassin. That way I can help lots of children, just like you."'' However, in the short term, he decides that he will return to the orphanage: ''"I'll go back to the Orphanage in a while. I'll give them time to, you know... clean up the mess."''