Skyrim:Aventus Aretino

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Rumor has it that he is attempting to contact the [[Skyrim:Dark Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]]. If you track him down, you will find him chanting the Black Sacrament and he will assume that you are a member of the Dark Brotherhood. Speaking to him gives the quest [[Skyrim:Innocence Lost|Innocence Lost]], which leads to your entrance into the Dark Brotherhood.
He can be found in the [[Skyrim:Aretino Residence|Aretino Residence]] constantly chantingtrying ''"Sweetto Mother,call sweetthe Mother,Dark sendBrotherhood. yourWhile childhe untoactions me, forremain the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear."'' When you arrive insame, his homedialogue herotates willbetween beseveral overjoyedlines and remark ''"It worked! I knewuntil you'd come, I just knewreveal it!"''yourself:
'''Aventus''': ''"Sweet Mother, Sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear."''<br />
'''Aventus''': ''"Please... How long must I do this? I keep praying, Night Mother. Why won't you answer me?"''<br />
'''Aventus''': ''"Die, Grelod! Die!"''<br />
'''Aventus''': ''"So... Very tired..."''<br />
'''Aventus''': ''"Grelod, you old crone. You'll get what you deserve! The Dark Brotherhood will see to that!"''
When you talk to him and ask if he is all right he will be overjoyed and remark ''"It worked! I knew you'd come, I just knew it!"''
If you have already killed the target, he will be amazed and remark ''"I mean, I knew the Dark Brotherhood was good... just not that good! You killed the old hag before I even asked!"'' After completing his quest, he claims that he's going to be an assassin himself when he grows up: ''"When I grow up, I'm going to be an assassin. That way I can help lots of children, just like you."'' However, in the short term, he decides that he will return to the orphanage: ''"I'll go back to the Orphanage in a while. I'll give them time to, you know... clean up the mess."''