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Since installing dragonborn dragon's don't give me souls anymore. And they are not stolen either same as respawned dragons but these should give a soul. {{uns2|15:57, 6 February 2013|}}
:I've noticed the same thing, but since it has been known to happen without dragonborn, I didn't think it was connected. Granted, I've only come across 2 dragons since installing the expansion, but it is definitely a possibility. In any case, you can use the console command <code>player.modav dragonsouls 1</code> every time this happens to add the dragon soul you earned but weren't given. Hope this helps! [[User:ThuumofReason|ThuumofReason]] ([[User talk:ThuumofReason|talk]]) 17:05, 6 February 2013 (GMT)
== Achievements section ==
I noticed on the achievements section of this article, Dragonborn has it's own section for its achievement, while the "Legend" achievement from Dawnguard is grouped with vanilla achievements. Could anyone either give Dawnguard its own section or put the Dragonborn achievement to be coupled with the vanilla (and Dawnguard) achievements? [[Special:Contributions/|]] 18:04, 6 February 2013 (GMT)
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