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Nafaalilargus shares several similarities with a dragon named '''Nahfahlaar''', who was recorded by the [[Lore:Blades|Blades]] in their [[Lore:Atlas of Dragons|''Atlas of Dragons'']] in {{Year|2E 373}}. Nahfahlaar repeatedly allied himself with mortal protectors, which had prevented the Blades from eliminating him. The last recorded alliance was with King Casimir II of [[Lore:Wayrest|Wayrest]], which the Dragonguard successfully ended in {{Year|2E 369}}. At the time of writing, his whereabouts were unknown to the Blades.<noinclude><ref>{{Cite book|Atlas of Dragons}}</ref></noinclude> If Nahfahlaar and Nafaalilargus are one and the same, it can be assumed that the dragon continued his habit of allying with mortals when he hired on with Tiber Septim in the late [[Lore:Second Era|Second Era]].
A ballad was written about Tiber Septim and Nafaalilargus,. but itsIts popularity faded as dragons began to disappear from Tamriel, yet it was still being recited in [[Lore:Skyrim|Skyrim]] circa {{Year|4E 201}}.<noinclude><ref>[[Skyrim:Sven|Sven]]'s dialogue in [[Skyrim:Skyrim|Skyrim]]</ref></noinclude><noinclude>