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Oblivion:Miscellaneous Items

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Alchemy Equipment: capitalise
|rowspan=6| {{Linkable Entry|Mortar & Pestle}}
| ''Novice'' || ''000C7968'' || ''1.0'' || ''25'' || 0.1
|rowspan=6| Required tool for all Alchemy.<br>''(The first one is the one you get during the [[Oblivion:Tutorial|tutorial]]. The only difference is a script that makes a tutorial message appear the first time you pick it up. Also, it won't stack with other Novice Mortar & Pestles.)''<br>A [[Shivering:Mixing Bowl|Mixing Bowl]] is the equivalent of an apprenticeApprentice Mortar and Pestle and can be found in the [[Shivering:Shivering Isles|Shivering Isles]].
| Novice || 000105E3 || 1.0 || 25 || 0.1

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