Skyrim:Karita (warrior)

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'''Karita''' is a [[SR:Nord|Nord]] [[SR:Warrior (class)|warrior]], and a pilgrim who can be found traveling the 7000 steps that lead to [[Skyrim:High_Hrothgar|High Hrothgar]]. She can be found kneeling and meditating in front of the fourth etched tablet.
She may greet you with, ''"Keep an eye out for wolves if you're headed up the path to High Hrothgar."'' You may ask her who she is, to which she will reply, ''"Just a pilgrim. I'd prefer to leave it at that, if you don't mind."'' You may also ask her if she heard the [[Skyrim:Greybeards|Greybeards]] calling the [[Skyrim:Dovahkiin|Dovahkiin]], and she will say, ''"I was just outside Ivarstead when it happened. It's an exciting moment. Nothing like this has happened in centuries."'' If you ask her what she's doing on the path to High Hrothgar, she will tell you, ''"Walking the Steps. Meditating on the emblems. I make this trip every few years."''
Karita says that she is a pilgrim and would like to leave it at that, and that she makes the pilgrimage every few years. When the [[Skyrim:Greybeards|Greybeards]] summoned Dovahkiin she was outside [[Skyrim:Ivarstead|Ivarstead]] and she says that it was very exciting.
She wears [[SR:Scaled Armor|scaled armor]], [[SR:Hide Bracers|hide bracers]], [[SR:Steel Cuffed Boots|steel cuffed boots]], a [[SR:Gold and Emerald Circlet|gold and emerald circlet]], an [[SR:Amulet of Talos|amulet of Talos]], and a [[SR:Leveled Items|leveled]] enchanted [[SR:Ring|ring]].
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