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[ The UESP forums] offer a place to come and discuss your questions, likes, dislikes, concerns, or thoughts about any area in the TES games with fellow fans in the community. Whether you have a question about the nature of CHIM, want to talk about just how annoying cliffracers really are, have a question about the language of the dragons, or just want to show off your newest character, there is a place to come and discuss it on the forums. In addition, we also offer subforums where you can relax and get to know other members of the community in our general discussion subforumsarea, where you can talk about non-TES related material. The forums are a great place to meet other members of the UESP community and serves as an active, friendly, and endless opportunity for conversation and knowledge. All are welcome!
Anyone may read the contents of the forum, but you must [ register] to reply to forum threads. Once you have, we encourage you to come and introduce yourself to everyone in the [ Welcomes and Goodbyes thread!]