Morrowind:Vonden Mano

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'''Vonden Mano''' is a [[Morrowind:Dunmer|Dunmer]], [[MW:Master-at-Arms|master-at-arms]] and a House Father in [[Morrowind:House Redoran|House Redoran]]. He can be found in the [[Morrowind:Ald'ruhn|Ald'ruhn]], more specifically, the Practice Room in the [[MW:Redoran_Council_Hall|Redoran Council Hall]]. As a Master-at-Arms, Vonden has a variety of combat skills, and offers medium [[Morrowind:Trainers|training]] in [[Morrowind:Long Blade|Long Blade]], [[Morrowind:Axe|Axe]], and [[Morrowind:Blunt Weapon|Blunt Weapon]], but only to fellow members of [[Morrowind:House Redoran|House Redoran]] of rank Kinsman or higher.