Morrowind:Technical Information

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Resolution and Aspect Ratio
Morrowind Graphics Extender and MGE XE are also excellent utilities for higher-level PCs that allow one to change the screen resolution easily, as well as optionally implementing shader on textures, and making the water more like oblivion's. They are most notable for distant land features. Both MGE versions require a fairly fast computer to take advantage of most of these features.
You can also set any custom resolution by hand: (Note that Morrowind must be fully launched at least one time for these registry settings to be viewable)
Press Windows+R on keyboard, then type '''regedit''' in the box that opens. Locate the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind (for 64-bit Windows system, locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind). On the right pane, you will see several numerical values. Double-click on "Screen Height" and "Screen Width" and set them to values you wish to use (e.g. 900 and 1440, respectively).
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