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Mud Crabs
[[Image:OB-creature-Giant Mudcrab.jpg|thumb|right|Giant Mud Crab of Greenmead Cave]]
[[Image:OB-creature-Mud_Crab.jpg|thumb|right|clear=none|Mud Crab]]
Mud Crabs are weak nuisance creatures found everywhere near water. Although larger than many crabs on Earth[[Lore:Nirn|Nirn]], they are smaller than most other animals encountered in Tamriel. They are part of many leveled lists. Outside, they are found in swampy areas, along coastlines, and in shallow water. In caves and ruins, they are found in "Wet Lairs": in just about any area with water, Mud Crabs can be randomly generated in place of the enemy that would normally be there. Mud Crabs are also very common in sewers.
Mud Crabs attack with their claws. They have the following characteristics:
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