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#REDIRECT [[Skyrim:Illusion_Spells#Frenzy]] [[Category:Redirects to Broader Subjects]] [[Category:Skyrim-Magic-Spells-Illusion]] [[Category:Skyrim-Magic-Spells]]
|icon=SR-icon-spell-Illusion Dark.png
|cast=Fire and Forget
|equip=Either Hand
|duration=60 sec
|range=469 ft
|speed=94 ft/s
|life=~5 sec.
|area=15 ft
|desc=Creatures and people up to level 14 will attack anyone nearby for 60 seconds.
|purchase=*[[Skyrim:Drevis Neloren|Drevis Neloren]]
*[[Skyrim:Sybille Stentor|Sybille Stentor]]
'''Frenzy''' is an adept level illusion spell that causes creatures and people up to level 14 within a 15 ft radius to attack anyone in sight for 60 seconds.
* [[Skyrim:Frenzy|Fury]], 14 pts in 15 ft for 60 secs
* [[Skyrim:Courage|Courage Secondary]], 14 pts in 15 ft for 60 secs
* [[Skyrim:Illusion Dual Casting|Illusion Dual Casting]], multiplies effective level by 2.2 (rounded down){{huh}}
* [[Skyrim:Animage|Animage]], creatures 8 levels higher can be affected
* [[Skyrim:Kindred Mage|Kindred Mage]], people 10 levels higher can be affected
* [[Skyrim:Rage|Rage]], all targets 12 levels higher can be affected
* [[Skyrim:Master of the Mind|Master of the Mind]], allows spell to work on undead, daedra, and automatons
Note that these perks will stack, so the overall effective values for the spell with perks are as follows:
{|class=wikitable {{AL|R}}
!rowspan=2| !!colspan=2|Max Lvl
!{{AL|R}}|Kindred Mage
!{{AL|R}}|Animage + Rage
!{{AL|R}}|Kindred Mage + Rage
*Unlike previous games, casting this spell on a non-hostile target in public is considered an assault, so you can't use it to easily murder someone in front of witnesses. However, if you are hidden when you cast the spell and nobody sees or hears you, you can still get away with it. Though if all of your witnesses are within the range of the spell, there may be nobody left to report it even if you are seen.
*A more common use for this is to cast it on a group of enemies, so they all fight eachother instead of you. Odds are you'll be left with just one last severely weakened enemy standing, which you can then mop up on your own.