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Most dungeons are "clearable", meaning that once the boss is defeated, the dungeon is tagged as "Cleared". A (somewhat quiet) tone will play once this occurs. A cleared dungeon may still have unkilled enemies and uncollected loot. This status is shown on the in-game map, allowing you to identify which dungeons you have or have not visited. If a dungeon has been cleared, it will take longer for its contents to [[#Respawning|respawn]]. Its status remains as "Cleared" even if the occupants have all respawned.
There are a total of 186 [[:Category:Skyrim-Places-Clearable|places]] in the game that can be cleared, although two of them ([[Skyrim:Angarvunde|Angarvunde]] and [[Skyrim:Mistwatch|Mistwatch]]) are atypical, as detailed in the next paragraph. Once you have cleared any 50 of the remaining 184 locations, the [[Skyrim:Delver|Delver]] achievement is unlocked. However, a significant number of dungeons cannot ever be cleared at all; the wiki page for each of these dungeons states "Clearable: No" on the page's infobox.
Angarvunde and Mistwatch are the only locations in the game that are marked as cleared when a related quest is completed, instead of when the location's boss enemy is killed. The specific requirements necessary to clear these locations are detailed on their place pages. One consequence of being marked as cleared by a quest is that these two locations do ''not'' increment the Dungeons Cleared statistic or count towards the Delver achievement. In several other cases (detailed in the [[#Achievements|Achievements]] section), a "Cleared" tag appears when a nearby location has been cleared.
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