Skyrim:Kill the Giant (Jarl)

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==Quick Walkthrough==
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# Speak with the Jarl of [[Skyrim:Dawnstar|Dawnstar]].
# Kill the [[Skyrim:Giant|giant]] at the given camp.
==Detailed Walkthrough==
Speaking with eitherThe Jarl of Dawnstar ([[Skyrim:Skald|Skald]] or [[Skyrim:Brina Merilis|Brina Merilis]] depending on the state of ththe Civilcivil war), the jarl will ask you to deal with a [[Skyrim:Giant|giant]] to send a message to all the other giants in the hold, for although they are not a problem now, the Jarljarl believes they will be in the future. The giant can be found at one of three camps (above) and can be taken down by any means necessary.
=== Reward ===
Once the giant is dead, return to Dawnstar's jarl for your reward of gold. This Questquest is also needed to purchase land in DanstarDawnstar.