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The Wolf Queen
::::You got confused about the volumes there ;) The sentence I quoted came from book three where Potema was "''the last to appear''" at her fathers funeral and the coronation of the next Emperor with "''a magnificent entourage, accompanied by her husband, the elderly King Mantiarco and her year-old son, Uriel.''" Said father was Pelagius Septim II who lived all his life with his oldest son Prince Antiochus in the Imperial City. Both the Imperial Gardens and the Imperial Court are mentioned. Antiochus' conversation with his Spymaster implies that he knows the local bordellos very well and visits them frequently. A dead Emperors funeral, the coronation of his successor underway, a heir apparent who rarely leaves the city yet has an 'appointment' in his favored brothel, the pompous arrival of the queen with husband and son and the fact that "imperial" places are mentioned twice, always hinting at her being slightly uncomfortable with the setting might lead to certain conclusions as to where the scene takes places.
::::The part with Kintyra on the other hand happened years later at Glenpoint Castle, High Rock ;) But I guess I'll best follow your advice and omit the origin of the plant ; Just to make sure. -[[User:Shimenawa|Shimenawa]] ([[User talk:Shimenawa|talk]]) 23:38, 29 November 2012 (GMT)