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The Wolf Queen
: I imagine Uriel III was named after his father, who was King Mantiarco. I can't actually see any reference to "Uriel Mantiarco" in ''The Wolf Queen'', so I don't know where that information was taken from; I'm not overly familiar with the Septims. Adding an entry for the douad shrub would be a great idea. You could simply state that the shrub is "a garden plant grown in the gardens of Solitude" - since we don't have any more information on it, we have to assume that this is the case (similar to the flora found in Mournhold, e.g. [[Lore:Nirthfly|Nirthfly]]). —[[User:Legoless|Legoless]] ([[User talk:Legoless|talk]]) 21:29, 29 November 2012 (GMT)
::There is actually a single reference to this in Brief History of the Empire v 2 ("''Uriel III not only proclaimed himself Emperor of Tamriel, but also Uriel Septim III, taking the eminent surname as a title. In truth, his surname was Mantiarco from his father's line.''") while Potema's two respective biographies claim her husband initially wanted to bestow his name on his second-born but she convinced him to give him the name of her grandfather instead.
::The plant actually confounds me! The sentence it appears in is vague in more than just one way. "''An hour later, passing the black branches of the sculpted douad shrubs, Potema noticed a dark figure, which vanished into the shadows under the eaves at her approach.'' " >Sculpted< as in pruned, shaped or carved from stone?! And even more important: The whole book '''strongly''' implies (without ever decidedly stating it) that this Blue Palace was meant to be in the Imperial City, not Solitude! I'm somewhat at a loss here. Any advice? [[User:Shimenawa|Shimenawa]] ([[User talk:Shimenawa|talk]]) 22:56, 29 November 2012 (GMT)