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The exact date of the [[Lore:Kintyra II|Empress Kintyra Septim II]]'s execution in the tower at [[Lore:Glenpoint|Glenpoint]] Castle is open to some speculation. Some believe she was slain shortly after her imprisonment in the {{Year|3E 121|121}}st year, while others maintain that she was likely kept alive as a hostage until shortly before her uncle [[Lore:Cephorus|Cephorus]], King of [[Lore:Gilane|Gilane]], reconquered western [[Lore:High Rock|High Rock]] in the summer of the 125th year. The certainty of Kintyra's demise rallied many against the [[Lore:Potema|Wolf Queen Potema]] and her son, who had been crowned [[Lore:Uriel Septim III|Emperor Uriel Septim III]] four years previously when he invaded the under-guarded [[Lore:Imperial City|Imperial City]].
Cephorus concentrated his army on the war in High Rock, while his brother [[Lore:Magnus Septim|Magnus]], King of [[Lore:Lilmoth|Lilmoth]], brought his [[Lore:Argonian|Argonian]] troops through loyal [[Lore:Morrowind|Morrowind]] and into [[Lore:Skyrim|Skyrim]] to fight in Potema's home province. The reptilian troops fought well in the summer months, but during the winter, they retired south to regroup and attack again when the weather was warm. At this stalemate, the War lasted out two more years.
Also, in the 125th year, Magnus's wife Hellena gave birth to their first child, a boy who they named [[Lore:Pelagius Septim III|Pelagius]], after the [[Lore:Pelagius Septim II|Emperor]] who fathered Magnus, Cephorus, the late Emperor [[Lore:Antiochus|Antiochus]], and the dread Wolf Queen of [[Lore:Solitude|Solitude]].