Daggerfall:Quest Related Hints

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===Attacking Quest Targets===
Most quests where you shall either kill or capture a person or monster, use some sort of condition check, like <code>when target is hit do this</code>. However when you kill an enemy with just one strike, as is often the case when an advanced character goes after a weaker enemy, the condition will not be fulfilled. This results in a situation where you can't complete the quest, as the kill will simply not be acknowledged. To avoid this, you can simply us a weapon which does a minimum amount of damage when going after a weaker enemy. This condition will also be not fulfilled in case your weapon's material cannot harm the respective enemy or when you kill the target exclusively with magic attacks, in other words, without physical attacks.
==Finding People==
Often quests require you to find the location of a particular person. This can be done by going to the appropriate town and talking to a NPC. There are two methods which can give you information.
*Ask for Where -> Location -> General. This will give you the location of the palace, if there exists one, and named houses.
*Ask for Where -> People. This will give you the location where a particular person can be found, like a tavern, store, house, etc.
If NPCs give you the location on the map, check it to see where to go. If they don't give it to you, keep asking them long enough and they will mark the building on your map eventually. If NPCs say they don't know where the location is, they'll never mark it on your map.
==Delivery Quests==