Oblivion:Sideways Cave

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**''"Meridia-child, Earth root power, sea wave like (earth like a flood?). People-out (escape? present tense? imperative?)."''
* A half-collapsed shrine to Meridia can be found in the Ayleid Ruins, suggesting that the original inhabitants of Abagarlas may have been Meridia worshippers.
*The [[Books:The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Official Game Guide|official Prima guide]] lists Sideways Cave in its Freeform Quests section as one of the more interesting dungeons and has this to say about the tablets: "''Can you put it all together? The big picture is that, long ago, Ayleid settlers stumbled onto this grotto. They made it their own--in the end, too much their own. In doing so, they uncovered a forgotten shrine to the Daedra lord Meridia. Meridia's vengeance for this violation was swift: She crushed Abargarlas with her stone roots and, incensed that some survivors escaped, buried the grotto almost entirely.''"
* This cave contains 3 [[Oblivion:Cairn Bolete Cap|Cairn Bolete]] plants and 19 [[Oblivion:Wisp Stalk Caps|Wisp Stalk]] plants.