Skyrim:Ravenscar Hollow

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|occupants=[[Skyrim:Hagraven|Hagraven]], [[Skyrim:Frostbite Spider|Frostbite Spider]], [[Skyrim:Bandit|Bandit]]
|description=A small [[Skyrim:Caves|cave]] inhabited by [[Skyrim:Hagraven|hagravens]] west of the [[Skyrim:Thalmor Embassy|Thalmor Embassy]] and east of the [[Skyrim:The Steed Stone|The Steed Stone]].
|level=Min: 14
}} [[Category:Skyrim-Places-Hagraven_Nests]]
Kill the hagraven and its familiar in the first room to obtain the [[Skyrim:Keys#Ravenscar Hallow Cage Key|Ravenscar Hallow Cagecage Keykey]]. Flip the lever near the hagraven's tent to open a secret wall. Free the imprisoned bandit using the hagraven's key or your {{SR|[[Skyrim:Lockpicking|lockpicking}}]] skills if you didn't pick it up. He will help you fight the remaining two hagravens before turning on you.
There are some [[Skyrim:Potions|potions]] and [[Skyrim:Gems|gems]] on the table as you enter the secret passage. Dead [[Skyrim:Bandit|bandits]] and a dead [[Skyrim:Spriggan|Sprigganspriggan]] are located just past the first two cages. In the northwest part of the room, a copy of the [[Skyrim:Destruction|Destruction]] [[Skyrim:Skill Books|skill book]] ''[[Skyrim:The Art of War Magic|The Art of War Magic]]'' can be found on a table next to a chest. A third dead body can be found in a locked cage past the chest, at the far end of the room.
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== Notes ==
* If you want to sneak up on the first hagraven, watch out for the hanging and ground rattles.
* If theyou player isare noisy while defeating the first hagraven, it will alert the others in the room behind the secret door. They will likely be attacking the imprisoned bandit.