Skyrim:Kill the Giant (Jarl)

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|Imgdesc=Kill a giant for the jarl of Dawnstar
|description=Do a favor for the [[Skyrim:Jarl|jarlJarl]] of [[Skyrim:Dawnstar|Dawnstar]] by killing a [[Skyrim:Giant|giant]].
==Radiant Options==
This is a radiant quest which is received from the [[Skyrim:Jarl|jarlJarl]] of [[Skyrim:Dawnstar|Dawnstar]], who may be either of the following people. The giant camp is randomly determined.
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! QuestGiver
==Quick Walkthrough==
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# Speak with the jarlJarl of [[Skyrim:Dawnstar|Dawnstar]].
# Kill the [[Skyrim:Giant|giant]] at the given camp.
# Return to retrieve the bounty.
==Detailed Walkthrough==
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Speaking with either jarlJarl of Dawnstar ([[Skyrim:Skald|Skald]] or [[Skyrim:Brina Merilis|Brina Merilis]]) or a innkeeper at a inn in The Pale will begin this quest. Being busy ruling their hold, the jarl will rely on bounty hunters such as yourself to take down a [[Skyrim:Giant|giant]] terrorizing the region. The giant can be found at one of three camps (above) and can be taken down by any means necessary. Long-range damage is likely to be more useful at low levels, due to their devastating melee attacks. Once the giant is dead, return to Dawnstar's jarl for your reward of gold.
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