Oblivion:Sideways Cave

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|location=Northeast of the [[Oblivion:Imperial City|Imperial City]], on the island side of the lake
|addbelow=It contains three zones: ''[[#Zone 1: Sideways Cave|Sideways Cave]]'', ''[[#Zone 2: Sideways Cave - Hidden Lake|Sideways Cave - Hidden Lake]]'' (a large subterranean lake and waterfall), and ''[[#Zone 3: Sideways Cave - Lost Abagarlas|Sideways Cave - Lost Abagarlas]]'' (the ruins of an ancient [[Oblivion:Ayleids|Ayleid]] city, Abagarlas). Abagarlas is completely hidden deep underground and can only be reached through the secret underground lake.
|image=OB-place-Sideways Cave.jpg
|imgdesc=Sideways Cave
|description=A medium cave northeast of the Imperial City containing monsters.