Skyrim:Drevis Neloren

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'''Drevis Neloren''' is an instructor at the [[Skyrim:College of Winterhold (place)|College of Winterhold]], where you can normally find him in his room on the bottom floor of the [[Skyrim:Hall of Countenance|Hall of Countenance]]. He is the master [[Skyrim:Trainers|trainer]] for [[Skyrim:Illusion|Illusion]], able to train you to level 90. After you officially become part of the College, he will ask you to don some [[Skyrim:Mystic Tuning Gloves|magical gloves]] for a [[Skyrim:Out of Balance|quest]] where you have to cleanse various magicka focus points around the college, the reward for which is a few random soul gems. He will also give a [[Skyrim:Illusion Ritual Spell|quest]] for the master Illusion spells, and will sell many [[Skyrim:Illusion_Spells|Illusion spells]].
Drevis wears [[SR:Master Robes of Illusion|Mastermaster Robesrobes of Illusionillusion]] and a pair of [[SR:BootsClothing#0006b46c|Bootsboots]].