Skyrim:Aventus Aretino

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'''Aventus Aretino''' is a 10-year-old [[SR:Nord|Nord]] [[SR:Child|child]] located in the [[Skyrim:Aretino Residence|Aretino Residence]] in [[Skyrim:Windhelm|Windhelm]]. He escaped from the [[Skyrim:Honorhall Orphanage|Honorhall Orphanage]] in [[Skyrim:Riften|Riften]], where he ended up after his mother Naalia Aretino died from sickness during the winter, and he now seeks revenge on the owner of the orphanage, [[Skyrim:Grelod the Kind|Grelod the Kind]], for mistreatment of orphans.
Rumor has it that he is attempting to contact the [[Skyrim:Dark Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]]. If you track him down, you will find him chanting the Black Sacrament and he will assume that you are a member of the Dark Brotherhood. Speaking to him gives the quest [[Skyrim:Innocence Lost|Innocence Lost]], which leads to your entrance into the Dark Brotherhood.
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